OKash is aware of the recent letter published by the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya, an institution founded by direct competitors to OKash.

The letter written by DLAK contains false and misleading accusations based on social media reports as opposed to factual knowledge about the debt collection process in OKash.

The OKash terms and conditions clearly state that when users initially register in the OKash app, they provide the service with contact information of a referee. The referee is only contacted if the borrower becomes unreachable and the company is unable to collect a debt. OKash does not call any other numbers from the users’ contact list as part of the debt collection process.

OKash is an award-winning fintech app that ranks among the most popular applications in Kenya. OKash operates according to local laws and regulations and provides important financial services to millions of people. We care about our customers and are proud to provide a great service.

For further clarifications, questions or comments, as well as media inquiries, please contact: help@o-kash.com